Amerika’lılar 2003 yılında üretimi durdurmuş ama İtalyan Giovanni Battista ve Arturo Parodi’nin bu oyuna olan aşkı bitmemiş. Çocukluğumuzdan beri oynarız diyorlar.

50 ülkede 10 milyon kişinin bu oyunu oynadığı söyleniyor. Benim de vardı da Play Station çocuğu olalı çok oldu…

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  1. Dear friends and fans of Subbuteo. It is two years now that we’ve been working on a documentary project that combines the past and present of Subbuteo and universe around it. We have been in places that had seen the birth and keep this game still alive today and we interviewed many of the people who cultivate a healthy and incredible passion for this legendary table soccer game that left a trace in many generations, including our own. We have invested much time and resources in this documentary titled Subbuteopia which we hope will see the light in spring 2012. To participate and enter in the credits of our documentary through the crowdfunding campaign click here

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